Re-Winder Services

Recovery and Conversion

Recovery Services

We recover damaged paper reels, turning unusable paper into a re-usuable format. Benefits to our customers are huge turning scrap value paper into market value stock.

The types of damage we can recover are shown in the pictures to the right and include:

Wet damage

Score marks


Edge damage

Shock wave damage (creases as a result of a reel being dropped)

Core damage (crushed and disintegrated)

Stain marks

Reel tension through differential bottom roll surface speedUnwind tension control through new high performance air cooled brakesGrammage range: 80 to 440 GSMMaximum width in: 2720 MMMaximum width out: 2600 MMMaximum reel diameter: 1600 MM

Jagenberg Vari-dur Winder

Specially designed for paper reel cuttingWe deal with the worst wet damage, like ‘elephants foot’ which cannot be rewoundReduces paper loss when repairing reels with severe edge damageWe split reels too large for our windersWe re-size or repair end-damage to reels with very large diameter – like Plasterboard Liner

Reel Saw - 1700mm

Example of reel we can recover

Paper Conversion

We can supply reels cut to size from a wide range of stock sizes and grades. Ranging from 80gsm to 440gsm papers.

On our Winder we have the capability to cut to a finished width of between 50mm - 2600mm onto various core sizes.